Vintage 1964 Fender Jazz Bass Inca Silver


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What makes this bass special:  A gorgeous, true vintage beauty with magnificent tone & feel.  A smooth, slender neck that's super comfortable to play & a pair of killer sounding single coils that deliver rich, powerful tones.  The bass was refinished in what appears to be Inca Silver that has aged into gold.  Silver is clearly evident in the neck pocket, under the guard & in the control cavity, just as it would have been done at the factory.  However, there's also just a small touch of red on one side of the control cavity wall.  The finish looks truly authentic & is not inside any of the screw holes & silver can be seen in the chipped areas along the body.  You can see two very feint divot marks where the screw holes would be for the bridge cover, but the body was not drilled for them.  Same with the thumb rest.  However, the finish looks very old & would be extremely difficult to fake due to the aging & the color differences in the areas that are not exposed, like under the pickguard, neck pocket & control cavity.  In short, this a very cool '64 Jazz Bass being offered at a very affordable price.

Cosmetic Condition:  Awesome vintage vibe with just the right look for its age - various nicks, chips, dents & dings; surface scratches, weather checking & naturally aged hardware/parts.  The neck was oversprayed.  When the neck was oversprayed the headstock decal/logo was also changed & is not original.  However, the neck is still a true '64 with original date stamp on the bottom.  There's a chip in the treble side horn of the pickguard & the screws are straight-edge not Philips.  Overall the bass has a wonderful look to it with a gorgeous patina.

Neck:  Slender profile maple neck with beautiful dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard & clay dot inlays.  Original frets show some wear, but have plenty of life in them.  Original tuners are in perfect working condition, however the G tuner has two unoriginal straight-edge screws.  1 1/2" original nut; 34" scale length.  Neck is straight & truss rod works fine.  Neck stamp reads 7 APR 64 A & the serial number on the neck plate is L28694.

Body:  Contoured, solid alder body.  Original top-loading bridge with adjustable saddles.  There is no bridge cover.  3-ply white pickguard with no thumb rest & no cover for the pickup.  The pickguard screws & strap buttons are not original.  Bass weighs 9 lbs 2.4 oz.

Pickups:  Original single coils with black covers & cloth wiring.  Dual volume & master tone controls with original black knobs.  All three pots date to '64 & all electronics are in perfect working condition.  There's some unoriginal soldering in the control cavity & a plastic ground wire was added.

Case:  Later period Fender hardshell case included.

Why We Love Fender

It's hard to find a name more synonymous with guitars than Fender. Ever since Leo Fender burst onto the scene with his now-iconic Telecaster, Fender guitars have found homes in the hands of brand new guitar players and seasoned rock stars. When the headstock says Fender, you know you're getting a quality instrument.