Vintage Danelectro Centurion Model 275 Series F 15W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp - 1962

available for immediate delivery


A vintage 1962 Danelectro Centurion tube combo amp in great condition. These make great rock amps--with a crunchy, mid-focused overdrive tone and all tube, bias-oscillate tremolo. Like many Dano and Silvertone amps from this era, the reverb is no longer functional. Fortunately, you're not missing much, as the Danelectro budget spring tanks were typically better at generating feedback and noise than they were reverb. The amp is otherwise fully functional with fresh filter caps and modern grounded AC cord. This amp has been cleaned and serviced. It is fully functional and sounds fantastic.

-Serial #: 20743
-Power Output: approximately 15 watts
-Tubes: 6X4, 6V6 (2), 6AU6, 6CG7, 12AX7 (2)
-Controls: Strength, Speed ' Treble, Bass, Volume ' Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb
-Dimensions: 20.5'' x 20.5'' x 9.5''
-Weight: 32 lbs

Cosmetics (see phtotos)
-original tolex
-original grillcloth
-original back panel
-original handle
-one missing control knob

-replacement speaker: 12" Rola Alnico (ca. 1959)
-original transformers
-replacement power supply filter capacitors
-replacement grounded power cord