Vintage Harmony H410 5W 1x8 Tube Combo Amp - 1965


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A vintage 1965 Harmony H410 tube combo amp. Like other student combos from the era, it featurs a simple control set and a low-volume overdrive tone. What sets it apart is the EL84 output section--rarely seen on American amps from the era. It also features a great tube-driven tremolo. This amp has been cleaned and serviced. It is fully functional and sounds great.

-Power Output: approximately 5 watts
-Tubes: 5Y3, EL84, 6AU6, 12AX7
-Controls: Volume, Tone, Intensity, Speed
-Dimensions: 19'' x 16'' x 8''
-Weight: 18 lbs

Cosmetics (see photos)
-original tolex
-original grillcloth
-original handle

-replacement speaker: 8" WGS G8C
-original transformers
-several replaced resistors and caps
-replacement grounded power cord