Vintage Selmer Treble & Bass MK II 50W 2x12 Piggyback Tube Amp 1966

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a European-manufactured amplifier intended for 210-240V mains voltage. Operation in the United States will require a step-up transformer.

A vintage 1966 Selmer Treble & Bass MK II tube piggyback amp. This British EL-34-powered amp has a big clean tone and sparkly crunch that rides a line between the classic American and British amps of the era. Aside from some minor maintainance repairs, this amp is all original. This rare, vintage amplifier has been cleaned, serviced and is fully functional. It's a unique addition to any high-end amp collection.

-Head Serial #: 41484
-Cabinet Serial #: 37079
-Power Output: 50 Watts
-Tubes: 5AR4, EL34 (2), 12AX7 (3)
-Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass | Volume, Treble, Bass
-Head Dimensions: 21'' x 8.5'' x 8''
-Cabinet Dimensions (excluding trolley): 32" x 20.5" x 12.5"
-Total Weight: 104 lbs

Cosmetics (see phtotos)
-original Tolex
-original grillcloth
-original handles
-original back panels
-original cabinet trolley

-original speakers: 2-12" Goodmans Audiom 61
-original transformers
-several replaced resistors
-replacement power supply filter & bias capacitors
-replacement power cord
-adjustable bias added