Vintage Acoustic Guitars

Vintage Acoustic Guitars

With vintage acoustic guitars ranging from the 19th century to the 1970s, Cream City Music offers musicians the chance acquire a huge variety of classic guitars.

When it comes to vintage, Cream City Music is the go-to music store. Our collection features many unique guitars ranging from traditional acoustics to vintage mandolins and resonator guitars.

Guitarists from all over the world come to shop our selection of vintage acoustics. Since our collection is always changing, you can find a vintage acoustic that inspires you--from vintage Gibson to vintage Martin acoustic guitars.

These time-tested acoustic instruments will play like new with the help of Cream City Music’s luthiers. Our luthiers perform highly detailed service work on every vintage instrument that comes through our doors. Each guitar sold at our store also goes through our comprehensive 35 point inspection process, which helps ensure all guitars provide the best playing experience.

Bring home a piece of history and shop our ever-changing selection of vintage and rare acoustic guitars. Looking for something a little newer? Visit our collection of used acoustic guitars.

Have questions about a specific instrument? Give us a call at 1-800-800-0087 and we will be able to help find you the information you are looking for.