Voodoo Lab Battery Snap 2.1mm Pedal Power Cable - 18"

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If you're a collector of odd, quirky, or vintage effects pedals, you'll find that some of them work best with a 9-volt battery or simply lack a power jack. Don't worry, though - you don't have to sell off your beloved pedals just because they have inconvenient power requirements. Instead, pick up this Battery Snap 2.1mm Pedal Power Cable by Voodoo Lab, and you'll have your dream pedalboard rigged up in no time. Just snap one end of this cable onto your stompbox and plug the other end into your power supply, and you're all set. With 18" of length to spare, this cable is ideal for small to medium sized pedalboards.

Pedal Connector: 9V Battery Snap
Power Supply Connector: 2.1mm Right Angle Barrel Plug
Length: 18"