Vox Valvenergy Copperhead Drive Pedal

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Vox's Copperhead Drive is an all-new all-analog Valve distortion pedal. It features Nutube and an all-analog signal path to deliver the iconic British crunch tones that countless players have come to know and love over the years. With three output modes, a versatile set of controls, and even a high-contrast OLED display, you're always in control of your sound with the Copperhead Drive. The OLED display is especially cool - it features an oscilloscope to give you a visual of how the knobs affect the waveform, as well as displaying which mode you're currently using. From top to bottom, the Vox Copperhead Drive is an incredible pedal for players after that iconic British crunch.


-Valve distortion pedal with all-analog signal path
-Powerful British crunch tones
-Powered by Nutube
-Three output modes for use as a pedal or preamp
-Selectable analog cabinet simulator
-OLED display with oscilloscope
-Active EQ to shape your signal