Vox Valvenergy Mystic Edge Distortion Pedal

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The Mystic Edge is an all-new Vox distortion that is inspired by the iconic sound of the Vox AC30. With an all-analog signal path and Nutube, you get the same tone and dynamic response of the AC30, but in a pedal-sized format. Its versatile set of controls include Volume, Gain, Bass, Tone Cut, and Treble knobs, plus a Bright switch. It also includes an OLED display that shows an oscilloscope, making it easy to understand how your knobs affect your signal, and also shows your current mode. If you love the AC30 but aren't quite ready to get an amp, then the Mystic Edge is the perfect pedal for you.


-Valve distortion pedal with all-analog signal path
-Iconic sound of the VOX AC30
-Powered by Nutube
-Three output modes for use as a pedal or preamp
-Selectable analog cabinet simulator
-OLED display with oscilloscope
-Active EQ to shape your signal