Walrus Audio ACS1 Mako Series Cab and Amp Simulator Pedal


Expected release date is 1st Mar 2021


Fresh from Walrus Audio's Mako Series, the ACS1 is a speaker cabinet/amplifier simulator that delivers the tone of world-renowned gear, with an expansive, yet simple set of controls that make it easy to dial in just right. When you run the ACS1 in stereo, you can mix and match any combination of the pedal's amps/cabinets via corresponding three-way switches. You can choose from six high-quality cabinet impulse responses, or IRs, through the pedal's A/B/C switch. You also get three amp types to choose from: Fullerton, London, and Dartford. Fullerton is inspired by the Fender Deluxe Reverb, London is inspired by a 1962 Marshall Bluesbreaker, and Dartford is inspired by a 1960s Vox AC30. You also get standard Volume and Gain knobs, in addition to a three-band EQ and a handy Room knob to control your simulated room size. You can also save up to three presets onboard (expandable to 128 with MIDI) by dialing in your tone, and then pressing both footswitches simultaneously. Simple controls, iconic vintage tones, and the highest quality components all contribute to the Walrus Audio ACS1 being one of the best amp/cab simulator pedals you can find.


-Anodized gold finish with black/green ink
-4.9" x 2.52" x 2.64" enclosure size
-9VDC (300mA minimum) power
-24-bit 48 kHz A/D and D/A converters
-32-bit floating point processing
-Sharc & ARM co-processors