Walrus Audio Eons 5-State Fuzz Pedal

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Walrus Audio's Eons is the perfect choice for players looking to channel tons of top-notch fuzz tones with just one pedal. Featuring five separate modes that allow users to conjure a wealth of gritty sounds, this pedal is a must-have for high-gain players.

Eons is a five-state fuzz capable of churning out massively thick sounds, and it has a lot going on under the hood. Modes I and II use silicon transistors to create a huge, rounded fuzz sound, with a bass boost in mode II, making them great for a wide range of styles. Modes III and IV use germanium transistors and LEDs respectively, creating a different flavor of grit. The final mode combines hard clipping silicon transistors, soft clipping silicon diodes, and LEDs, giving it an incredibly loud, compressed, and angry sound. Use these modes as a starting point for your sound and fine tune them with the onboard controls, and you'll be able to dial in nearly any fuzz tone under the sun.

Complete with that instantly recognizable Walrus Audio artwork and a heavy-duty chassis, the Eons is the ultimate fuzz pedal for players seeking quality and versatility above all else.

Type: Fuzz
Current Draw: 200mA