Walrus Audio Eras 5 State Distortion Pedal

  • Walrus Audio Eras 5 State Distortion Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Eras 5 State Distortion Pedal
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Unleashing aggressive, in-your-face, high-gain distortion, Walrus audio's Eras Five-State distortion pedal inspires crushing riffs and grinding leads. With a tight response and five unique textures of distortion, the Eras is well suited for many styles and techniques, from chugging palm muted riffs to high-octane shredding. Cranking the blend knob to the max creates a wicked, full-throttle distortion, while rolling it back allows you to stack the Eras with your other favorite dirt pedals. With treble and bass parameters, you have a wide range of distorted tones at the ready-from bright and cutting to deep and speaker-ripping, the Eras can handle it all. The real heart of this stompbox, though, is in the five-position mode knob. This knob offers the following gain states that all have their own different character:

I. Tight mode with a modest mid-cut, LED hard clipping, internal volume control, and a fast response.
II. Tight mode with a modest mid-cut and silicon hard clipping. This setting is smooth and has some added compression.
III. Dual clipping mode with a modest mid-cut and both silicon and LED hard clipping. This mode has a lot of sustain and a rich, full tone.
IV. Rhythm mode with a deeper mid-cut, LED hard clipping, and internal volume control. Scooped mids, tight response.
V. Rhythm mode with a deeper mid-cut and silicon hard clipping that produces a warm, full tone.

The Eras' aesthetic matches its brutal tone perfectly. Encased in a deep blood-red enclosure with an apocalyptic four-horned, winged bull design, Walrus Audio's Eras is exactly what you need if you're looking to add face-melting wall of distorted-doom to your effects board.

Product Name: Eras 5 State Distortion
Sub Category: Distortion
Product Weight: 0.76"
Product Length: 4.77"
Product Width: 2.60"
Product Height: 1.39"
Power Req: 100mA minimum


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