Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Overdrive Pedal

  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Overdrive Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Overdrive Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Overdrive Pedal
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Walrus Audio's Fundamental Series pedals are great for players seeking easy-to-use studio-grade effects. Each pedal in this lineup features three sliders and a mode switch that control its sound, making it painless to dial in a great tone. The Fundamental Series Overdrive is a versatile unit that can cop a wide range of dirty, driving sounds, from bright and clean to hot and crunchy. This pedal is an excellent choice if you've been searching for a budget-friendly overdrive that sounds great at the front of your signal chain.

The Fundamental Series Overdrive offers three unique clipping modes via the slide switch: Smooth, Crunch, and Bright. When set to Smooth, this pedal emulates a classic soft-clipping silicon overdrive for a nice, clean sound. In Crunch mode, it has a more aggressive, edgier character with a subtle low-end boost. Bright mode retains the 'in-your-face' snarl of the Crunch setting but without the added low-end, giving it a cutting, glassy profile that's great for solos and leads.

Walrus Audio designed this pedal with a 3-slider interface that makes it dead simple to dial in a great overdrive sound. The Gain slider adjusts the amount of gain applied to the signal passing through the overdrive circuit, while the Volume control sets the overall output volume of the pedal. The Tone control is great for reigning in your highs - as you turn it up, it decreases the level of high frequencies for a more balanced sound.

With its simple design and dynamic sound, the Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Overdrive is perfect for players who need a value-packed drive pedal that can adapt to any performance setting.

Type: Overdrive
Power Requirements: 9V DC Center Negative, 100mA minimum
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"