Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Tremolo Pedal

  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Tremolo Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Tremolo Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Tremolo Pedal
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Walrus Audio's Fundamental Series pedals are great for players seeking easy-to-use studio-grade effects. Each pedal in this lineup features three sliders and a mode switch that control its sound, making it painless to dial in a great tone. The Fundamental Series Tremolo is a classic optical tremolo, and it's great for players who want a versatile pedal that'll add movement and texture to their sound.

The Fundamental Series Tremolo features three different waveforms, sine, square, and random, giving it a dynamic sound that can adapt to nearly any performance setting. When set to sine, this pedal has a strong, lush sound that adds depth to your playing. Square adds more choppiness and it's perfect for cutting through a mix, and Random alternates waveforms, making it an excellent tool for experimental players looking to create wild, unpredictable textures.

Aside from the different waveforms, the Fundamental Series Tremolo has three sliders, allowing players to further dial their tone. The Rate slider controls the speed that the LFO oscillates, and Depth controls the intensity of the tremolo effect. Volume adjusts the pedal's overall output level. With just these three parameters, players can make a wide variety of fantastic-sounding tremolo effects.

If you've been looking for a value-packed tremolo pedal to add to your effects board, look no further than Walrus Audio's Fundamental Series Tremolo. It's powerful, budget-friendly, and it has a wealth of top-notch sounds under the hood.

Type: Tremolo
Power Requirements: 9V DC Center Negative, 100mA Minimum
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"