Walrus Audio Iron Horse V2 LM308 Distortion Pedal

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The Iron Horse is a return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy. It is full of high gain and perfectly made for the rock guitarist in need of thick rhythm or cutting solos. Dial back the gain and it can be used as a thick, warm overdrive. The Iron Horse has three distortion modes operated by a toggle switch that changes between different clipping diodes providing more versatility in shaping the tone of the distortion. It has three control knobs: Level, Tone and Distortion and True Bypass switching.

Version 2 Updates:

-Updated the Level control so that it is easier to dial in unity gain.
-Updated the Tone control to allow more treble to be dialed in if desired.
-Updated Distortion control to smooth out the range of distortion making it easier to dial in lower gain tones.


-Level, Tone and Distortion Controls
-3-Mode Toggle
-True Bypass
-4.77” (12.11 cm) x 2.9” (7.36 cm) x 2.3” (5.84 cm)
-9V DC or Battery Operation