Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz Pedal - Red

  • Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz Pedal - Red
  • Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz Pedal - Red
  • Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz Pedal - Red
  • Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz Pedal - Red
  • Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz Pedal - Red
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Are you the type of musician who loves rich, saturated fuzz tones but also wants a pedal that can get bright and experimental? The Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz is exactly what you need. This incredible collaboration between Walrus Audio and tube expert Jim Hagerman is a two-in-one dirt pedal with a wealth of gritty, buzzing tones just waiting to be explored.

At the core of the Silt Harmonic fuzz is a 12AU7 vacuum tube that gives it a rich, warm, and highly musical sound. Not only does it imbue the Silt's voice with a delightful vintage growl, but the tube provides an eye-catching aesthetic - it's not every day you see a fuzz pedal with a built-in vacuum tube.

Aside from its fetching appearance, the Walrus Audio Silt boasts a no-frills interface that makes it easy to dial in a wide array of killer fuzz tones. The Gain control is your bread and butter - this sets the volume going into the fuzz circuit and is used to create everything from subtle distortion to full-throttle fuzz. Once you've set your desired level of grit, you can adjust the brightness of your signal using the Tone control. An additional contour switch allows users to manipulate the Silt's EQ before the signal hits the 12AU7 tube.

The standout feature of the Silt is its Harmonic footswitch. Pressing this engages a frequency doubler before the drive section. The result? You'll unleash a crisp, octave-like sound that's perfect for bringing solos and lead lines to life.

We should also mention that the Walrus Audio Silt sounds phenomenal on bass, baritone, and drop-tuned guitars. Since the Tone knob acts as a tilt EQ, it allows users to layer in the ideal amount of low-end thump - you can easily get a fat, punchy fuzz out of this beast.

If you're tired of run-of-the-mill fuzz pedals, you need to check out the Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz. It has a remarkable sound that's full, warm, articulate, and laden with tube amp tones. Reach out today to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind fuzz pedal!

Type: Harmonic Fuzz
Power Requirements: 9V DC, center negative, 300mA minimum (not included)
Dimensions: 3.62" x 4.79" x 2.25" including knobs