Walrus Audio SLO Multi-Texture Reverb - Limited Santa Fe Series


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Walrus Audio's all-new Santa Fe series of pedals features limited edition artwork inspired by the rich sunsets of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you're looking for dreamy, cavernous reverb, the Slo Multi Texture Reverb from Walrus Audio is an excellent choice. Its three algorithims provide a plethora of different reverb textures, and simple, straighforward controls make the Slo easy to dial in. Dark, Rise, and Dream are your three reverb algorithms/types, and are aptly named. You also have the option of accessing 3 different wave shapes via the pedal's three-way switch and holding down the bypass switch: Sine, Warp, and Sink. And with Decay, Filter, Mix, X, and Depth knobs, you can easily contour each mode's sound. This is a highly versatile pedal for players looking for a big, lush reverb sound.

The Slo's original artwork is made by Christi Du Toit, finished in Lollipop Blue with light blue/off white ink.


-Decay, Filter, Mix, X, and Depth knobs
-Bypass and Sustain footswitches
-Dark/Rise/Dream + Sine/Warp/Sink 3-way toggle switch
-4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"
-9VDC (100mA minimum)
-Made in USA