Walrus Audio SLÖER Stereo Ambient Reverb Pedal - Black

  • Walrus Audio SLÖER Stereo Ambient Reverb Pedal - Black
  • Walrus Audio SLÖER Stereo Ambient Reverb Pedal - Black
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The newest installment in the legendary Walrus Audio Slö series, the SLÖER is an incredibly versatile reverb pedal with a wealth of spacey sounds at its disposal. Retaining numerous fan-favorite features from the Slö, the SLÖER adds two new reverb algorithms, stereo width control, and much more. If you've been searching for the ultimate stereo reverb unit to supercharge your pedalboard, you can't beat Walrus Audio's SLÖER Stereo Ambient Reverb pedal.

Like the Slö, the SLÖER boasts Dark, Rise, and Dream reverb algorithms, allowing players to experiment with classic effects. When set to Dark, a lower octave is added, allowing users to conjure atmospheric and nightmarish soundscapes. In Dream mode, a latching pad function is added for infinite sustain, and the reverb becomes lush and cavernous. The Rise algorithm generates cinematic auto swells that bloom and blossom into gorgeous walls of sound.

Unlike the Slö, the SLÖER features two new modes: Rain and Light. The Rain algorithm produces a trippy, echo-like effect, while the Light program creates a brighter-sounding reverb using an octave-up shimmer. Both of these can be tweaked extensively. Once you find a tone you love, save it to one of the SLÖER's three onboard preset slots, and you'll be able to recall it whenever needed.

Another new addition to the SLÖER is the Square and Random wave shapes. Users can now create stepped modulation effects for a less smooth sound or select the Random mode for chaotic, ever-changing waveforms. And it wouldn't be a stereo reverb pedal if there wasn't a stereo width control. That's right, players can now change the width of their reverb to add more depth and dimension to their sound.

Finally, the SLÖER has a Stretch slider that dramatically changes its character. This control lower's the sample rate of the onboard DSP chip, stretching out the reverb and adding unique artifacts. It massively impacts the reverb tonality, making it immensely fun to experiment with.

Complete with a heavy-duty black enclosure, the Walrus Audio SLÖER Stereo Ambient Reverb pedal is perfect for musicians who want to create a wide array of dreamy, ambient soundscapes. Pick yours up today if you've been hunting for an extraordinary studio-grade reverb pedal!

Color: Black
Type: Stereo Reverb