Wampler EQuator EQ Pedal

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The EQ pedal is one of the most powerful stompboxes that you can place in your pedalboard. The Wampler EQuator EQ pedal has a player-friendly interface and lends itself with EQ-ing on the fly. Instead of the learning curve that can accompany individual sliders for each frequency, Wampler provides fixed bass and treble controls and two semi-parametric mid controls that are as easy to harness as twisting a few knobs. Each knob’s frequencies have been carefully defined and even has the optimal frequencies pre marked! Whether you want a fully customizable clean boost, the ability to fine-tune the tone of another pedal, or to just bring out the best in your guitar, bass or any other instrument you can plug into it -- the Wampler EQuator is the only EQ-er you need to get the job done.

-Controls: Bass, Mids 1 Level, Mids 2 Level, Treble, Volume Mids 1 Freq and Mids 2 Freq
-Power Supply: 9v-18v DC adaptor (sold separately)
-Working Voltage: 18V
-Current Draw: 24-32mA