Zvex Hand Painted Fuzz Factory Fuzz Pedal

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Fuzz pedal enthusiasts, look out - the Zvex Fuzz Factory is a tonal powerhouse with an incredibly gritty and dynamic sound. Boasting a five-knob interface, this pedal has a wealth of speaker-shredding tones on tap, whether you need something fat and saturated or hot and cutting. If you've been searching for a premium fuzz pedal with a remarkably versatile sound, you need to check out the Zvex Fuzz Factory.

The Zvex Fuzz Factory has five tweakable parameters, giving musicians tons of sonic flexibility. VOL adjusts the output level, while DRIVE increases the intensity of the fuzz effect. GATE is useful for eliminating noise, hiss, and buzz. COMP adds attack and compression to your playing, and STAB keeps your tone tight and punchy. Between these five knobs, musicians have a near-infinite amount of sounds to play with, a necessity for adventurous players.

So, what kind of sounds can you create with the Fuzz Factory? Everything from tight, chaotic tones to mutating oscillations that descend into total fuzzed-out mayhem. You can even create shortwave radio sounds and octave-like fuzz effects - or keep things nice and conventional for more standard applications. Truly, this dirt pedal offers musicians an unprecedented amount of tonal versatility.

Whether you crave an earth-shattering fuzz with wild harmonics or something gritty and modern that cuts like a hot knife through butter, the Zvex Fuzz Factory is your ticket to fuzz heaven. Embrace its face-melting sound and experience it for yourself - contact us today to add the Fuzz Factory to your collection!

Dimensions: 4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"