Common Questions Mandolins

How to Choose a Mandolin?

When buying a mandolin, there are three key elements you should consider.

Mandolin Style

Mandolins are available in A, F, and bowl-back styles.

F-style mandolins (sometimes referred to as Florentine mandolins) were invented by the Gibson Guitar Company. F-styles are the first choice for most bluegrass, country, and roots-music musicians.

A-style mandolins don’t offer the fancy scrolls and points found on F-style mandolins. This makes them somewhat easier to build - and therefore, they’re often less costly. A-style mandolins are popular with classical, folk, and Celtic musicians.

Bowl-back mandolins are popular with classical, Baroque, and renaissance musicians. Due to the volume of their bodies, bowl-backs usually produce a deeper, rounder tone than other mandolin types.

Mandolin Construction

Just like with other acoustic instruments, construction quality and materialss are important factors to consider when purchasing a mandolin.

The best mandolins are made with a solid top, back, and sides.


Tuning is an important factor when choosing a mandolin. The most popular mandolin tuning involves eight strings with four courses. The two adjacent strings are tuned in unison. Mandolins use the same standard tuning as a violin: G-D-A-E.

What Are the Best Mandolin Brands?

Some of the best mandolin brands based on overall quality and availability are: Eastman, Epiphone, Gibson, Godin, Ibanez, and Washburn.

Where to Buy a Mandolin?

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