Resonator Guitars

Common Questions About Resonator Guitars

Metal vs Wood Body Resonator Guitar?

The materials used to construct an acoustic guitar’s top and body have a tremendous influence on the sound that guitar makes. The primary consideration when choosing a resonator guitar is between a metal or wood body.

Metal-Bodied Resonator Guitar

Metal-bodied resonators are most often constructed from steel or brass coated with nickel. Both these metals have their pros and cons. Steel generally has a more “raw” sound that is often associated with rural blues-type music. Brass, on the other hand, has a more mellow and rounded out tone.

Wood-bodied resonator Guitars

While tonewoods are an important factor for the standard acoustic guitar, wooden acoustic resonator guitars rely less on the wood they are constructed from for their tone. The majority of wood-bodied resonators are constructed from laminated woods rather than solid tonewoods used in acoustic guitars. However, wood-bodied resonator acoustics have a distinctly warmer sound with less harshness and punch than their steel-clad counterparts.

What are the Top Resonator Guitar Brands?

Resonator guitars are built by many of the recognized acoustic instrument brands, including: National, Gretsch, Recording King, and Oscar Schmidt.

Where to Buy a Resonator Guitar?

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