Santa Cruz Acoustic Guitars

Since their founding in 1976 by Richard Hoover, Santa Cruz Guitar Company has been dedicated to producing the highest quality handcrafted guitars available. Santa Cruz focuses on exquisite detail and limited output, ensuring that every single Santa Cruz acoustic guitar meets the highest of standards.

The impressive dedication to detail on Santa Cruz guitars include:

  • Using the rarest sustainably-sourced tonewoods on earth
  • Implementing a dovetail joint neck, vastly superior to the standard bolt-on neck
  • Intelligently engineering lightweight and durable instrument through parabolic and radial bracing
  • Using a plant-based finish for enhanced resonance and repairability
  • Producing just 500 guitars a year to ensure every instrument is customized to perfection

The most popular Santa Cruz guitars are the H and RS models. The Santa Cruz H guitar model was inspired by 1930s-style guitars and boasts impressive sound considering its small form. The Santa Cruz RS guitar model is Santa Cruz's iteration of a Roy Smeck-style, 12-Fret Slope D with a wide fingerboard. The RS model is ideal for flatpicking and fingerpicking. The RS features double tapered bracing and extra stiff spruce creating a very responsive feel.

Many famous artist are know to use Santa Cruz guitars:

  • Tony Rice
  • Disappear Fear
  • Brad Paisley
  • Elvis Costello

Cream City Music is proud to be one of less than 50 Santa Cruz guitar dealers in the company. Not sure which Santa Cruz guitar is best for you? Give us a call toll free at 1-800-800-0087 or complete our Gear Finder form and our dedicated team will answer any questions you may have.