Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 Glitch Pedal

  • Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 Glitch Pedal
  • Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 Glitch Pedal
  • Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 Glitch Pedal
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If you're ready to get blasted back to the dialup days, you need to check out this Syntax Error 2 glitch pedal by Alexander FX. This stompbox harnesses all the 8-bit nostalgic wonder of the original Syntax Error pedal, but with the addition of some stellar new features. Blow the dust out of your cartridges and plug in your controllers - it's time to coat your signal in thick swathes of pixelated glory.

The Syntax Error 2 is designed for true tone-adventurists thanks to its vast array of sonic capabilities on tap. This pedal has six unique sound modes, each designed to create a wide variety of tones. These modes can be fine-tuned to your liking with the very fitting controller themed A, B, X, and Y knobs. For even more functions, tap the mode knob - that's where you can access the ALT controls page for four extra control functions.

Since this pedal has so many tonal possibilities, we'll go through a quick rundown of what the Syntax Error 2 is capable of. The first mode this pedal has is the STRETCH MODE. This mode records the input signal into a sample buffer and then plays it back in real-time, giving you glitchy delay, reverse swells, ghastly feedback, and more. The second mode is AIR MODE, a grainy, lo-fi, old-school reverb effect. The third mode is RING MODE, and this one is truly something else. This ring modulation effect adds extra frequencies to the original tone that are mathematically related, but not harmonically related - it sort of sounds like a sick, angry, dying robot (and we mean that in the best way possible). The CUBE MODE is a cubic distortion and fuzz effect, with a tunable resonant filter, perfect for getting some massive distorted, octave fuzz tones. FREQ MODE is a frequency shift effect that adds or subtracts a set frequency from the input signal. It's like a pitch shifter... but all of the intervals are broken, and it sounds like the dawn of the technological singularity. The final mode is WAVE MODE, which gives you access to tons of usable tones. From chorus to vibrato to flanger effects, this setting creates thick, sweeping modulation.

Each mode has the following five features: SAMPLE, PITCH, P.MIX, VOLUME, and TONE. SAMPLE lets you get a classic, bit-crusher sound, and you can alter the bit depth and the sample rate of each mode. PITCH, a new feature for this pedal, lets you pitch shift from anywhere between an octave below and an octave above your base pitch. P.MIX allows you to blend in your pitch shifted signal from fully dry to fully wet. VOLUME lets you adjust the output level of the effect, and TONE manipulates the overall brightness of your signal.

With all these amazing sounds at your disposal, the Syntax Error 2 can be a little overwhelming at first. That's why we've got a few suggestions to get you started on your sonic journey. Try using the all-new sequencer effect with the pitch shifter. The sequencer lets your pedal automatically adjust as you're playing, so when you combine it with the pitch shifter, it can make your chords modulate and flood out into a synthetic wonderland. When playing single note riffs at a higher sequencing speed setting, it creates gated, ethereal melodies. Another option to explore is combining the sequencer with the ring modulator. This allows you to riff as you please, with ring modulation fading in and out automatically, giving you an out of this world tone for ambient soloing.

Alexander FX's Syntax Error 2 pedal is a massively powerful glitch pedal, capable of producing anything from classic modulation effects to fuzzed-out-cybernetic-overloaded chaos. If you're chasing the tones that colored the early digital era for the ultimate sonic worldbuilding experience, check out this Syntax Error 2 by Alexander FX.

Input: Mono or stereo (TRS)
Output: Mono or stereo (use either TRS or dual TS)
Input Impedance: 1M ohms
Output Impedance: 560 ohms
Power Requirements: DC 9V only, 250mA or greater
Presets: Eight, expandable to 32 with a MIDI controller
MultiJack enables expression pedal, foot switch, or MIDI input
EXP Morph allows controlling all knobs from expression or MIDI
Mini-sequencer for animated textures
CTL footswitch triggers sequencer settings
USB port for firmware updates and USB MIDI
Buffered bypass (hybrid analog+digital)
Dimensions: 3.7" x 4.7" x 1.6" H x W x D not including knobs(120 x 94 x 42mm)