Blackout Effectors Cadavernous Pandimensional Reverb Pedal


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Blackout Effectors' Cadavernous Reverb is an incredible tonal toll that will aid your creativity like few pedals that have come before it. This Reverb is described by blackout as "Pandimensional", and for good reason. It covers a variety of different reverb tones, from spacey echoes to vintage slapback. You can get a wealth of different reverb tones through the Cadavernous thanks to its plentiful controls. Knobs for Swell, Regeneration, Dampen, Reflections, Dry Mix, and Reverb are at your disposal, while a Swell foot switch adds even more versatility. The Swell switch can be set to two modes: Mode 1 for "momentary on", and Mode 2 for "momentary off". With this pedal's exceptional tonal diversity, control, and sound quality, the Cadavernous is an excellent reverb that will enhance your creativity and find a place on your pedalboard for years to come.

-Diverse, experimental reverb pedal
-Swell, Regeneration, Dampen, Reflections, Dry Mix, and Reverb controls
-Dual-mode Swell switch
-Made in the USA