Boss SY-1 Synthesizer Pedal

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Boss's SY-1 is an authentic polyphonic guitar synth, packed into the convenient size of a Boss foot-pedal. With 121 total sounds (11 types and 11 variations), simple four-knob controls, and its compact design, this pedal has all of your guitar-synth needs covered. It also has "latency-free" performance so you never have to worry about if your notes are being translated in a timely fashion. You even get a Hold function for playing regular guitar over synth sounds. You can get a ton of different sounds out of this pedal, and there has never been a more responsive, inuitive, and affordable synth pedal. This is one of Boss's finest.


-Authentic BOSS polyphonic guitar synth in a compact pedal
-No special pickup required—play rich, dynamic synth tones with any guitar or bass
-121 total sounds (11 types and 11 variations), all ready to play with no programming knowledge needed
-Includes a wide variety of analog-style synth sounds, from leads, basses, and layered organs to sweeping pads and arpeggiated sequences
-Latency-free performance for unrestricted musical expression
-Quickly adjust sounds to taste with Tone/Rate and Depth controls
-Hold function for playing normal guitar over sustained synth voices
-Blend synth and normal guitar sounds with independent level controls
-Parallel send/return loop for easy integration with other pedals on your board
-Mode switch optimizes the synth engine for guitar or bass
-Supports extended control with an external footswitch or expression pedal