Boss VE-1 Vocal Echo Pedal

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The Boss VE-1 Vocal Echo Pedal is an essential device to take your live performance to the next level. The VE-1 allows you to add lush reverbs, as well as seven different echo styles to your voice. This gives you studio engineered quality vocals on the fly. It hosts an intuitive selection of effects that will help take your sound even further. It includes a Double effect, Pitch Correct and Enhance. The Double provides a secondary tracking over your vocal for maximum fullness in the track. The Pitch Correct helps you stay in line with your vocal melodies or can be pushed to give that classic Auto-Tuned sound. You can then top it all off with the Enhance effect to put the finishing touches to your vocal performance. If you’re singing live, the VE-1 is a must have.

-Nominal Input Level: MIC IN -40 dBu (MicSens = Center)
-Input Impedance: MIC IN 4 k ohms
-Nominal Output Level: XLR OUT -40 dBu Phones/Line Out: -20 dBu
-Output Impedance: XLR OUT 600 ohms Phones/Line Out 33 ohms
-Controls: Correct, Tone, Type, Double and Enhance
-Power Supply: Alkaline battery (AA, LR6 x4), AC Adapter(sold separately)
-Current Draw: 200mA