Catalinbread CBX Gated Reverb Pedal

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Inspired by the legendary sound of '80s gated reverb effects, Catalinbread built the CBX - a unique pedal that's dynamic and expressive yet doesn't interfere with the mix. Its design is simple: once the level of your reverb tail goes beneath a set threshold, the noise gate engages, cutting off your signal for a clean, clear sound. If you've been searching for a premium reverb pedal that functions great as an "always-on" unit, you need to check out the Catalinbread CBX!

The CBX features a comprehensive set of controls, allowing musicians to create a wide range of stellar-sounding effects. Using the MIX knob, players can adjust their wet/dry blend. Meanwhile, the PRE control changes the preamp level - crank it for a hot, driven tone with a little extra punch.

When you're ready to start messing with the reverb section, the CBX has all the tools you'll need. With VERB and LAG controls that alter the intensity of the reverb effect and the reverb lag time, musicians can sculpt an extensive array of cinematic, washed-out sounds. The final control, GATE, adjusts the threshold for the noise gate - crank it for a harsher cutoff or keep it low for a more natural sound.

Aside from its killer tone, the Catalinbread CBX sports a durable speckled-grey enclosure with orange accents, giving it a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Reach out today if you have any questions about this incredible gated reverb pedal!

Type: Gated Reverb