Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz Pedal

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Catalinbread's Giygas is a fuzz pedal with an unprecedented amount of tonal versatility, with a sound that can be contoured to span any genre and playing style you can think of. Giygas is a three-transistor circuit that can get plenty saturated, plus a JFET-equipped clean blend circuit. It also has a five-knob interface that contains controls for EQ, Mids, Blend, Loud, and Fuzz, giving you nearly unlimited sonic potential. Another great feature of the Giygas is that it works just as well with bass as it does with guitar, thanks to an internal Guitar/Bass switch. And thanks to a 40Hz trimpot, you can boost your mids by 10 dB to really cut through the mix, which is especially handy for lead players. With its huge level of control, attention to detail, and premium components, the Catalinbread Giygas is sure to be a treat for anyone looking for a do-it-all fuzz pedal.


-EQ, Mids, Blend, Loud, and Fuzz knobs
-Internal Guitar/Bass switch
-40 Hz trimpot
-JFET-equipped clean blend circuit
-Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
-Power Usage: 18mA
-Height: 1.96"
-Width: 2.36"
-Depth: 4.33"
-Weight: .5 lbs.
-Features: Internal bass mode switch