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Santa Cruz Guitar Company isn’t a “manufacturer;’ they are a true custom shop. Over 70% of the guitars built by Santa Cruz are customized by players and dealers like us for, unique tonal qualities, playability requirements, and personal taste.

Every single model in Santa Cruz’s extensive catalog can be customized. Working with the expert luthiers at Cream City Music is a great way to design exactly what you need both sonically and visually. You can modify everything from from tonewoods, bracing patterns, body variations, neck profiles, appointments, bindings, inlays, finishes and more.

Guitar Models

Inspired by expert musicians, classic styles, and a dedication to crafting a guitar with the best sound possible Santa Cruz Guitar company offers nine distinct models many of which include a number of variations giving you total control over your custom guitar. 


The Bob Brozman Baritone is the result of a collaboration between the Santa Cruz founder Richard Hoover and the world music legend Bob Brozman. This spectacular baritone guitar has a piano-like presence. The long 27-inch scale, 12-fret mahogany neck allows the guitar to accommodate heavier strings at the lower tensions required for open tunings.


Many wonderful dreadnought style guitars have been developed by Santa Cruz Guitar Company through the years.

One of Santa Cruz’s most noticeable contribution to this guitar style was a collaboration between Richard Hoover and vintage experts to identify the most desirable qualities of the iconic Pre-War D-18.

The Vintage Artist model is designed as the tonal equal and technical superior to the most respected Pre-War guitars. Vintage Artist features an advanced, scalloped X-bracing for powerful bass, complemented by the clear tone and definition of master-grade mahogany.

Other dreadnought models have become synonymous with specific music styles like the Tony Rice (TR) Signature model which represents over 30 years of collaboration between SCGC and legendary flatpicking guitarist Tony Rice.

The TR wasn’t intended to copy Tony’s current guitar, but to showcase his stellar work by delivering everything a contemporary flatpicker needs: intense treble and midrange for rapid sing-line lead, clean note separation for definition and the traditional bass boom without the woofy bottom end - characteristic many pre-war dreadnoughts.

F Models

The intent of the Santa Cruz F model is versatility.

While other models are designed for bluegrass, fingerstyle or rhythm, the F model excels at multiple styles and genres. When your repertoire demands both full subtlety and boldness, the F gives you both without needing to compromise on your presentation.

The F Model is a favorite among many performers and songwriters for its classic shape and design. F models include the original F model, the Fingerstyle, and the FTC. The popular and dynamic FTC model was awarded “Guitar of the Year” by Acoustic Magazine in 2016.

H Models

Joining the SCGC catalog in 1977, the H model has been a unique part of the Santa Cruz collection for over 40 years.
Before the H model, most classic and vintage style guitars were designed with 12 frets. The addition of two more frets allowed the H model became an instant favorite - and 14 frets has now become the standard.

As small-bodied guitar, the H model often surprised first time players with the impeccable volume and balanced voice it produces.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company recommends this instrument for anyone looking for the sweetness and ease of playing a small guitar but requiring additional comfort and volume.


There is nothing like the SCGC Mandocello.

A truly unique way to add depth and an interesting element to solos and accompaniment playing, the Mandocello features 24 ¾-inch scale length and comfortably spaced strings (1-½ inch nut).

Many players remark on the satisfying resonance and equalization. An inspiring instrument like the Mandocello can be the key to unlocking your creativity in music styling and songwriting.

OM/OOO Models

The Orchestra Model (OM) was originally designed to provide the volume necessary to be heard among the musical swell of an orchestra; however, its volume was soon eclipsed by the dreadnought. The Orchestra model found a home as the “go-to” guitar model for stage performance.

The Santa Cruz OM combines the best of the early ‘20s models, with the advantages of modern lutherie.

This blending of old and new created a guitar that is popular across multiple artists and genres. OM’s can be spotted on stage and in-studio alongside everyone from flatpicker James Nash to John Mayer and Elvis Costello. However it isn’t the only version of this Santa Cruz model to be wielded before mobs of adoring fans.

You’ve probably seen the OOO on stage with artists like Jeff Tweed and Dave Matthews. This solid performing instrument is a familiar figure on stage and in recordings by many professional players. Regardless of your skill level, you are sure to find the OOO to be a joy to play.

The OOO adds some distinct advantages tonally and cosmetically to its predecessor, the OM. The extension of the body to the 12th fret, while inhibiting players from reach past that point, does increase the sound volume and attenuates bass notes. The slotted peghead comes standard, adding another classic element to this beautiful model

Slope-Shouldered Dreadnought

Slope-Shouldered Dreadnought guitar models include the RS, the Vintage SOutherner, and the the Vintage Jumbo.

The gorgeous RS model perfectly blends the look and feel of vintage instruments with contemporary fretting styles. This was no accident, through years of collaboration with customers, professional musicians, and luthiers, Santa Cruz developed a deluxe stage guitar set up for Hawaiian playing styles.

Everything about this stunning instrument is intentional. SCGC’s unique tapered bracing and body depth give the RS model depth and generous headroom, allowing the instrument to be driven hard without any loss of tonal integrity.

The RS neck is specifically designed for maximum string space both at the nutand the right hand. In signature style, Santa Cruz’s legendary luthiers harnessed their skills to manipulate the sound hole size, bridge plate position and top deflection to achieve the ideal EQ.


The small-bodied (parlor-style) guitar was considered the superior guitar style until the late 19th century.The parlor style guitar represented tonal perfection; however, musicians yearned for louder instruments which in turn meant that guitars had be built larger.

Thanks to the advantages of modern amplification and recording techniques, the trend in lutherie has been to return to an embrace of sound quality over sound quantity.

The small bodied Santa Cruz options like like PJ, OO and Style 1 represent the tried and true techniques and craft of custom guitar building. The authentic and elegant style, comfortable 24-inch scale, 12 frets and small form make Santa Cruz small-body guitars a delight to play.

True Acoustic Bass

Years of field testing and serious quality control have yielded the True Acoustic Bass. This instrument has serious studio-quality tone, designed for highly skilled artists who require flawless sound and feel in their acoustic bass.

The True Acoustic Bass has a powerful, serious presence that begs for performance and recording.

This model features a 32-inch scale on a dense vintage mahogany body and a quality Sitka Spruce top, meeting the highest of tonal criteria.

If that isn’t impressive enough, the True Acoustic Bass doesn’t need a pickup in order to reach its ideal sound; however, adding a pickup is a common custom option.

Other customizations include adding a 5th string and custom string spacing for specific playing styles.

Body Woods

Santa Cruz Custom Guitars are only fashioned from high quality, master grade tonewoods. And their unique selection of back and side woods offers the best of both style and tone options.


Sycamore has a similar tone to mahogany and when dimensioned correctly, it moves slightly toward a warmer Rosewood tone. Sycamore is a unique and gorgeous looking wood, harvested sustainably by Santa Cruz Guitar Company.


Walnut has a tone similar to mahogany, however it has some warmth while maintaining the clarity of true mahogany. Walnut is harvested in California near to Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Fig Mahogany

Fig mahogany has the gorgeous, clear tones of mahogany with an equally beautiful cosmetic appeal.


Cocobolo is a master grade tonewood meticulously harvested following the industries highest sustainability practices. This dense wood provides a darker sound that falls somewhere between Indian and Brazilian on the Rosewood spectrum. Cocobolo is the best of both worlds with the warmth of Indian Rosewood and the clarity of Brazilian Rosewood.


Maple is the brightest of tonewoods and it's impossible to miss its' unique flamed look. Maple is popular choice for archtop and jazz guitars and hard maple is an excellent choice if you want a very distinct definition between individual notes. A maple FTC model is popular choice.


Master grade Koa from Santa Cruz Guitar Company has both the highest quality tone and figuring. When crafted to the perfect thickness, koa has the clarity and tone that genuine mahogany is known for, and you can't beat the exotic look of Koa wood.

Old Growth Mahogany

Old Growth Mahogany adds a vintage look and warmth to traditional (younger) true mahogany.

Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood is a hard, stiff wood that is highly resonant. The oad, warm, and rich tone of Brazilian Rosewood sets it apart from other tonewoods.


Mahogany is a balanced and highly resonant tonewood with a lot of sustain. Mahogany is a favorite at Santa Cruz Guitar Company and is always harvested in a sustainable way.

Indian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood has been a popular tonewood for centuries. Is renowned for its effective transmission of bass tones and bright high notes.

Top Woods

The top wood is the soundboard of the entire acoustic guitar. Selecting the right top wood is essential to getting the look and tone that you desire. Santa Cruz Guitar company only works with the finest tonewoods available and offers a number of unique options to choose from.


Redwood has a similar feel and responsiveness to cedar, making it an ideal choice for fingerstyle playing. Redwood however, offers more headroom allowing the guitar to be driven harder. It is somewhere between Cedar and Spruce on the spectrum of tonewoods. Redwood is a popular choice for players who are looking for a cedar-like tone with greater versatility

Bear Claw European

European Spruce has never looked this good. When dimensioned correctly this gorgeous tonewood has the vibrant tone of spruce with beautiful bear claw figuring that you'll love.

Bear Claw Sitka

Beautiful, resonant Sitka Spruce is available with Bear Claw figuring, for an even more interesting aesthetic. Bear Claw Sitka comes standard on the Brad Paisley Signature Model, but its available for other models as well.


Koa from Santa Cruz Guitar Company is not only the best quality Koa tonewood available it also has incredibly gorgeous figuring. Koa is renowned for its quintessential mahogany tone and visual excellence.


Santa Cruz Guitar Company only carries the highest grade of mahogany available. This high grade mahogany insures a tone that retains some of the woods warm nature with more definition and resonance in the guitar's voice.

Moon Spruce

Santa Cruz Guitar Company sources Moon Spruce from a family farm in the Swiss Alps. Where they have been growing this incredible spruce variety for over 500 years. Moon Spruce has a bright tone with excellent clarity.

European Spruce

European Spruce has been foundatinal to music instrument building for centuries, as a common wood type for violins. Similar to Adirondack Spruce, European spruce features fat trebless and a full tight bass.


Cedar is a common choice for fingerstyle guitarists because it responds quickly and with a good volume even when played with a light touch. Cedar is also a great tonewood for open or lowered tension tunings.

Old Growth Adirondack

Old Growth Adirondack comes from the late 1930's and adds a vintage tone a fullness you can't get from newer tonewoods. It's available at additional charge on any model.

Adirondack Spruce

Adirondack Spruce, sometimes reffered to as Red Spruce, is a traditional option for flat-top acoustic guitars. Adirondack has been used on many of the most collectable vintage acoustics ever made.

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce has a unique, warm and round tone. It's a popular choice for steel string acoustic guitars.

Neck Woods

A gorgeous custom neck wood completely changes the look of your instrument and a custom carved neck from Santa Cruz Guitar Company will elevate your skill and provide additional comfort while playing.

Flamed Maple

Santa Cruz Guitar Company uses master grade flamed maple blanks to carve you a gorgeous flamed neck customized to your specific profile and measurements.

Flamed Mahogany

Often paired with a Flamed Mahogany back and sides for a cohesive look, a flamed mahogany neck is a great way to add flair to your instrument.


Master grade mahogany necks come standard on every Santa Cruz Guitar model and can be customized to your style and needs.

Custom Binding

Santa Cruz Guitar Company offers a variety of gorgeous binding options. These unique custom options not only look great, the also will not have any effect on the sound of your instrument.

Albalone Peghead

Snakewood Peghead Binding

Koa Peghead

Snakewood Fingerboard Binding

Koa Fingerboard Binding

Snakewood Body Binding

Koa Body Binding

Mahogany Body Binding

Black Body Binding

Ivoroid Body Binding

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