Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny Octave Reverberation Pedal


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Earthquaker Devices' Astral Destiny is an all-new reverb pedal designed for the modern player. With eight reverb modes and 8 editable presets, you can get just about any reverb tone from the Astral Destiny, althought it excels at spacey, ethereal soundscapes. This compact pedal features four mini-knobs to help you dial it in, along with Preset and Mode rotary knobs. You even get a cool "Stretch" feature, whichh doubles the length of the reverb effect and also adds a slight pitch shift. Plus, the Astral Destiny features an easily assignable expression control, and a tails feature as well. From top to bottom, Earthquaker Devices' Astral Destiny is a treat for players who want a versatile, powerful Reverb and Octave pedal.


-Abyss, Shimmer, Sub, Sub Shimmer, Astral, Ascend, Descend, and Cosmos modes
-Eight-position rotary switch to recall presets
-Depth, Rate, Tone, and Mix mini-knobs
-Stretch footswitch doubles reverb effect length with slight pitch shift
-85 mA current draw
-Standard 9V DC 2.1mm negative center power