EarthQuaker Devices Special Cranker Overdrive Pedal

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Based on the beloved EarthQuaker Devices Speaker Cranker, the Special Cranker is a top-notch analog overdrive pedal designed to give your sound a little extra 'grit and gristle' without steamrolling the quirks and nuances of your favorite amp. Whether you're looking for a rich, tube amp-like drive, or a bold, clean boost, the Special Cranker is a powerful stompbox with a world of tone under the hood.

Think of the Special Cranker as sticking an extra preamp tube in your amp - it adds saturation, sustain, and harmonics to your sound, but it doesn't muddy up the low-end or smear the midrange like some dirt pedals do. Instead, the Special Cranker makes single-note lines bloom, adds crunch and thickness to power chords, and retains clarity when playing more complex chordal passages.

Dialing in a great tone with the Special Cranker is dead simple, thanks to its intuitive 3-knob interface. The Level knob adjusts the pedal's overall output, while the Tone knob controls the brightness of the overdrive effect, from deep and warm to hot and snarling. The More knob adjusts the intensity of the overdrive effect, from nearly clean to a medium gain overdrive when maxed out. Players looking for more sonic versatility can use the diode selector switch to engage either the original asymmetrical silicon diodes or the germanium diodes, opening up an entirely different dimension of overdrive. If you're looking for a softer, rounded drive with tamed highs and a lower output, select the germanium setting. If you're seeking a modern, edgier drive with more output, engage the silicon diodes, and the Special Cranker will unleash a bright, searing howl. Both settings are exceptionally responsive to playing dynamics and have excellent clarity, so you won't have to worry about picking a favorite - they're both great.

All packed up into a sleek and heavy-duty enclosure, the EarthQuaker Devices Special Cranker is a fantastic analog overdrive pedal, perfect for players who want a versatile overdrive unit that won't break the bank.

Type: Overdrive
Clipping Modes: Germanium and Silicon
Controls: Level, More, Tone, Mode Switch
Analog or Digital: Analog
True Bypass: Yes
Current Draw: 15 mA
Input Impedance: 5 MΩ
Output Impedance: < 25 kΩ
Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.50 x 2.25 in.
Weight:15 oz (425 g)
Lifetime warranty: Yes