Fishman AFX AcoustiVerb Reverb Pedal

  • Fishman AFX AcoustiVerb Reverb Pedal
  • Fishman AFX AcoustiVerb Reverb Pedal
  • Fishman AFX AcoustiVerb Reverb Pedal
  • Fishman AFX AcoustiVerb Reverb Pedal
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Fishman's AFX AcoustiVerb pedal is the ultimate tool for acoustic guitarists looking to coat their signal in lush, ambient reverb tones. No longer do acoustic musicians have to settle for running their instrument through guitar pedals designed for electric instruments - the AFX AcoustiVerb is specially designed to work with acoustic pickups. If you've been searching for a premium reverb pedal tailor-made to work with your current acoustic setup, you need to check out the Fishman AcoustiVerb!

With three unique reverb modes on tap, the AcoustiVerb gives musicians plenty of tones to choose from. Flip the toggle selector to Spring, and you'll channel a spongey, vintage-inspired sound found on many classic electric guitar amplifiers. Select Hall, and this pedal will dish out a natural, resonant tone that can emulate anything from small room environments to massive cathedral halls. The final mode, Plate, is great for creating dense, metallic reverb effects reminiscent of the '50s and '60s.

Once you've chosen your desired mode, you can fine-tune your sound using the intuitive 3-knob interface. Level and Tone are your bread-and-butter controls - these adjust the pedal's output and the overall brightness of the reverb effect. Decay Time changes the length of the reverb trail - use this to create subtle delay, cavernous echoes, and rich, cinematic textures.

Complete with an audio path switch and a true/buffered bypass selector, the Fishman AFX AcoustiVerb is a value-packed reverb pedal that should make its way onto every acoustic guitarist's pedalboard. Contact us today if you're ready to take your sound to the next level with the Fishman AcoustiVerb!

Audio I/O: 1/4" TRS input and output (TRS enables Dual Path Functionality)
DSP: 32-bit processing
Bypass: True Bypass with Buffered Bypass Option
Dimensions: 1.9" W x 3.8" D x 1.92" H (49mm W x 97mm D x 49mm H)
Material: Durable aluminum enclosure
Current Draw: 53mA
Power: 910-R AC Adapter (sold separately) or suitable filtered and regulated 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID Barrel Connector, Center = negative
Analog Signal Path: Input impedance: 10M Ohm ' Output impedance: 1k Ohm ' Signal-to-noise: -100dB ' Dynamic range: 100dB
Digital Signal Path: A/D, D/A conversion: 24-bit ' Signal processing: 32-bit