Gretsch String Change Buddy for Bigsby Vibrato Tailpieces


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The Gretsch String Change Buddy is a lightweight, yet firm reusable foam wedge (94mm x 53mm) that will safely and easily slip under the 'Bar' of a Bigsby fitted guitar. It will hold the string on the pin while you work at the Headstock end of the guitar. It can also be tucked under the strings between the 'Bar' and the 'Bridge' to act as a 'damper' if you are getting any string rattle, and left there until you need it the next time. This foam wedge is an incredibly useful tool and is essential for restringing a guitar with a Bigsby.

Why We Love Gretsch

Gretsch has been handcrafting guitars for over 135 years. The unique sound of the Gretsch semi-hollow body guitar has become synonymous with rockabilly music, one of the first styles of rock ‘n roll. Gretsch guitars are a favorite among musicians like Chet Atkins, Brian Setzer and George Harrison. At Cream City Music, we love Gretsch too, which is why we always have a huge selection of new, used and vintage Gretsch guitars in stock.