Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence Rhythm & Octave Pedal


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Hologram Electronics' Dream Sequence is an octave/pitch shift pedal with a very musical application, applying up/down pitch shifts in a rhythmic sequence. Its Octave Up/Down capability, "Hold" Sampler, Tap Tempo functionality, and digitally controlled analog drive/tone all contribute to an easy to use pedal without sacrificing tonal quality. You can use it with guitar, bass or keyboard, and its controls include knobs for Shape, Dry Mix, Drive, and Tone, plus rotary knobs for selecting Subdivision and recalling Presets. Plus, bright LED indicators help visualize the rhythmic pitch shifts of the pedal as well as tap tempo. This is a fantastic pedal for players looking for a highly musical pitch shifter.


-Octave Up and Down Pitch Shifting
-Pattern Sequencer
-Rhythmic Gate, with dynamic ADSR “morphing”
-Tap Tempo
-Digitally-Controlled, Analog Drive and Tone
-Analog Dry Path
-Infinite “Hold” Sampler
-24 Built-in Presets
-Save Custom Presets, with 11 Save Slots
-Pattern Recorder, for creating custom patterns via tapping footswitches
-Record and Save Knob “Automation”
-MIDI In/Out
-Expression Pedal Input, mappable to many controls
-True Bypass Switching (electromechanical relay)
-Auxiliary Modes for use as a +1/-1 oct. Pitch Shifter, Tremolo, or Hold Sampler