Ibanez GWB20TH Limited Edition Gary Willis Signature 5 String Bass - Tequila Sunrise Flat


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The Ibanez GWB20TH is the signature model of longtime Ibanez collaborator and fusion bass virtuoso Gary Willis. This 20th Anniversary, Limited Edition model was designed to Gary's spec, with several features that make it an incredibly unique Ibanez. From its 5-string, fretless design, to its uniquely-shaped Gotoh tuners, there's something different about this Ibanez just about everywhere you look. And since it's a Gary Willis signature model, you get a "Finger Ramp" that allows for a more consistent attack and faster recovery time. Plus, this bass is outfitted with an Aguilar DCB pickup and Aguilar OBP-2 EQ, so you get top-notch tone and the ability to contour it to your own needs. And thanks to a basswood body, Ash top, and Tequila Sunrise Flat finish, you get a bass that looks just as great as it feels. Whether you're a die-hard Gary Willis fan, or just want a quality 5-string fretless, the GWB20TH from Ibanez is a fantastic choice.


-neck type: GWB 3pc Maple neck
-top/back/body: Ash topBasswood body
-fretboard: Ebony fretboardOff-set white dot inlay
-fret: Fretless
-bridge: Std. bridge
-bridge pickup: Aguilar DCB bridge pickupPassive
-equaliser: Aguilar OBP-2 2-band EQ
-factory tuning: 1G,2D,3A,4E,5B
-string gauge: .045/.065/.085/.105/.135
-nut: Plastic
-hardware color: Black

Neck Dimensions:

-Scale : 864mm/34"
-a : Width 45mm at NUT
-b : Width 68mm at 24F
-c : Thickness 19mm at 1F
-d : Thickness 21mm at 12F
-Radius : 305mmR

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