JHS Panther Cub V2 Analog Delay Pedal


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The Panther Cub V2 has all the same great features of the Panther V1 and V1.5, but packed into their new pedalboard friendly chassis. It comes loaded with true bucket brigade delay that has the tone and options to cover the full spectrum of genres and style. It features tap tempo control, with 1100 milliseconds of delay time! The effects loop allows you to place any effect or effects chain on the repeats only. JHS utilizes the Ratio Control to give you quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, and triplet divisions. The Modulation feature produces a shimmery "Deluxe Memory Man" vibe and works seemlessly with the tap tempo. The Tap and Expression jack lets you remotely tap in a tempo and slave another device for on the fly flexibile tone control. Another essential addition from JHS and their pride of pedals.

Controls: Time, Volume Mix, Ratio, Feedback and EQ
Bypass: True Bypass
Power Supply: 9V DC Power Supply (sold seperately)
Working Voltage: 9V
Current Draw: 300mA