JHS Pedals Unicorn V2 Uni-Vibe Vibrato Pedal


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The Unicorn V2 has all the same great functionality of it's predecessor, now packed into a pedalboard friendly chassis. With the iconic sounds of the legendary Uni-Vibe vibrato circuit and make them your own with JHS Pedals' Unicorn V2. It's tap tempo enabled, so you can visualize the effect while also retaining the organic sounds that its all-analog circuitry produces. Control the Unicorn with Volume, Speed, Ratio, and Depth knobs. The Volume knobs gives out 9 dB of boost, while the Speed knob works with the tap tempo so you can visualize your vibrato. Adjust Ratio by choosing from four different speeds: 1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8, and triplets. You can also tweak the overall intensity of the effect with the Depth knob, while wet/dry switch offers even more tonal versatility. All-analog, authentic Uni-Vibe tone meets modern functionality with JHS Pedals' Unicorn V2.

-All-analog signal path
-Tap-tempo enabled
-Speed, Ratio, Depth, and Volume knobs
-Wet-Dry switch
-9V AC Power Supply (sold separately)
-Working Voltage: 9V