Keeley Aurora Digital Reverb Pedal

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The Aurora is an exceptional reverb pedal from the folks at Keeley, and is their first digital reverb. With a low-noise, 100% dry analog signal path, true bypass switching, and a 24-bit high fidelity processor, the Aurora has everything you need to get a great reverb tone. Its three-way toggle switch lets you choose from 3 classic delay types: Hall, Plate, and Room. Its four knobs allow control over Decay, Slapback, Warmth, and Blend, making it easy to dial in so you spend more time playing and less time tweaking your sound. Thanks to a straightforward, yet effective design, Keeley's reverb is an excellent all-around reverb.


-Toggle Switch for 3 Delay Styles: Hall, Plate, and Room
-Decay, Slapback, Blend, and Warmth knobs
-24-bit high fidelity reverb processor
-100% dry analog signal path