Keeley Vibe-O-Verb Ambient Reverb Pedal

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The Vibe-O-Verb, dubbed a "reverberation machine" by the folks at Keeley, is a truly atmospheric pedal. It has a wide range of delay/reverb tones at your disposal, some with slight vibrato and phaser, and others more traditional. This three mode pedal lets you get classic tones, and modern, newer textures as well depnding on how you dial it in. With Harmonic, Vibrato, and Phaser modes, plus Depth, Decay, Rate, and Blend knobs, it's easy to find a great tone that works for you. If you value versatility, depth, and intuitive design, then the Keeley Vibe-O-Verb is a great choice for a reverb pedal.


-New Ambient Reverbs
-Simulates changing reflective surfaces!
-Simulates accelerating reference points!