ThorpyFX ER-2 Vibrato and Chorus Pedal

  • ThorpyFX ER-2 Vibrato and Chorus Pedal
  • ThorpyFX ER-2 Vibrato and Chorus Pedal
  • ThorpyFX ER-2 Vibrato and Chorus Pedal
  • ThorpyFX ER-2 Vibrato and Chorus Pedal
  • ThorpyFX ER-2 Vibrato and Chorus Pedal
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Few guitar pedals have the same storied history as the Univibe, a groovy-sounding modulation pedal designed to emulate the sound of a rotating Leslie speaker. Paying homage to that legendary '60s unit, ThorpyFX presents the ER-2, the Univibe pedal of their dreams. This extraordinary stompbox delivers a wealth of classic vibrato and chorus effects, and it's an excellent choice for musicians seeking a premium vintage-inspired modulation pedal.

When building the ER-2, ThorpyFX wanted to make a pedal that sounded outstanding but was easy to use. That's why they designed it with an intuitive 4-knob interface that makes finding your favorite tones effortless. The INTENSITY knob changes how subtle or intense the modulation is, while the VOLUME control acts as a wet mix for the affected signal. These controls lay the groundwork for your desired sound.

To further sculpt your tone, use the SPEED knob to change the rate of the modulation effect, from drudging and nearly imperceptible to rapid and chaotic. Then, use the final control, OFFSET, to alter how the internal lamp ramps up. This comprehensive set of parameters ensures users can craft a unique, personalized sound to suit their needs.

Additionally, players can choose between settings by simply pressing the left footswitch. Set to standard, the ER-2 churns out classic Univibe tones. Press the switch, and it'll churn out just the wet vibrato signal.

If you're seeking quality, this pedal's got it - its components are as good as it gets. Featuring 1% metal film resistors, top-notch Op-amps, and WIMA and Panasonic capacitors, the ER-2 operates quietly, consistently, and above all else - it sounds phenomenal.

Old-school Univibe enthusiasts and ThorpyFX fans alike will love the ER-2, a studio-grade modulation pedal with a charming vintage vibe. Reach out today if you're ready to upgrade your sound with sweet, syrupy chorus and vibrato effects!

Poer Requirements: 9V DC center negative
Current Draw: 150mA