Universal Audio Max Preamp and Dual Compressor Pedal

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Universal Audio's Max Preamp and Dual Compressor is the ultimate pedal for guitarists, bassists, and anyone looking for an incredibly versatile compressor that'll significantly enhance their sound. Featuring three studio-grade compressors that can be isolated or stacked, the Max is a creative effect as much as it is a tool to fine-tune your signal.

The Max has three compressor settings to choose from: Dyna, Opto LA-2A, and FET 1176. While these settings all have their own unique sonic characters, they can also be stacked for limitless tonal possibilities. Whether you need a standard compressor to smooth out your sound, are looking to pair two 1176s for classic Led Zeppelin tones, or need the big, powerful sound of an LA-2A stacked with an 1176 for recording bass, the Universal Audio Max can handle it and more. On top of that, it also features a built-in UA 610 tube preamp that gives it a fat direct-to-console sound that makes it an excellent tool for the studio.

Complete with buffered bypass and a circuit-correct ratio selector, the Universal Audio Max is a must-have for players seeking a versatile compressor with a stellar array of tones on tap.

-Features three legendary compressors: Universal Audio 1176 FET, Teletronix LA-2A Tube Opto, Dyna "OTA-style" Pedal Compressor
-Toggle or stack engines for unlimited creative possibilities: Normal single-stage compression, Dual stage compression with two 1176s in series for classic Led Zeppelin and Little Feat tones, LA-2A + 1176 combination for record-ready bass tones
-Built-in UA 610 Tube Preamp for fat "direct to console" sounds
-Circuit-correct ratio selector including famous "all-buttons" mode
-Buffered bypass (no analog dry through)