Vemuram DJ1 Darryl Jones Signature Bass Overdrive and Distortion Pedal

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The Vemuram DJ1 Darryl Jones is perfect for bassists seeking an incredibly versatile overdrive and distortion pedal. With its comprehensive controls, musicians can dial in anything from a subtle, fuzzy overdrive to full-on speaker-shredding distortion. Plus, it features a TRS DI output, allowing users to split their signal to their amp and a mixing board. Seriously, if you've been looking for a single dirt pedal that can do it all, you can't beat the DJ1.

To break it down, the DJ1 has three main components: a clean section, a drive section, and a built-in boost. You can use these in isolation or bring them together to create your own unique tone - the possibilities are endless. Need a bright, scooped sound for percussive slap bass riffage? Boost the bass and treble controls, roll off the drive knob, and activate the boost to supercharge your solo. Want something warm, wooly, and distorted? Crank the bass and drive knobs while keeping the clean and treble controls at a minimum - you'll unleash a thick wall of aggressive distortion.

In addition to its 7-knob interface, the Vemuram DJ1 Darryl Jones Signature has two top-mounted trimmers that control the mids and saturation. Use these to give your signal a little extra thickness and midrange 'honk,' or keep them at their factory setting - this pedal does sound fantastic straight out of the box.

Complete with a parallel unaffected output, the Vemuram DJ1 Darryl Jones Signature bass pedal is designed to work with any bass player's rig. Contact us today if you're ready to level up your setup with this killer overdrive and distortion pedal!

Controls: Level, Bass, Clean, Mix, Drive, Treble, Boost / Saturation and Mid Trimmer
Internal Trimmer: DI-OUT Level, Internal DIP Switch(MID SHIFT, GND LIFT)
Switches: ON/OFF
Terminal: Input, Output, Out 2 (DI-Out), Out 3 (Parallel Out)
Size: 142(W) x 95(D) x 50(H)mm
Current Draw: 6 m/A