Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal

  • Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Pedal
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When it comes to optimizing your pedalboard, you can't skimp on buying a quality tuner pedal. That's why Walrus Audio built the Canvas tuner: the ultimate pedal for players who demand the best, most accurate tuning. Featuring a bright LCD display, a heavy-duty enclosure, multiple viewing options, and ±0.1 cent accuracy, the Canvas tuner stands tall above the competition.

The Walrus Audio Canvas tuner is designed to meet every musician's needs. With a flat frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, this pedal can handle the low B-string on 5-string basses, the sparkling upper register on acoustic guitars, and everything in between. Plus, its handy Tune Assist feature quickly guides players through the tuning process - once your note has stayed in tune for longer than a pre-determined threshold, the display will flash, letting you know you're good to go.

The coolest thing about this pedal? It has multiple display modes, allowing musicians to tailor it to their personal preferences. With the ability to reorient the display to portrait, landscape, upside-down, and more, users can fit the Canvas tuner in those small nooks and crannies on their pedalboard while still being able to read the screen. And, just for fun, players can also change the pedal's color theme and screen saver.

Other premium appointments include multiple bypass modes (buffered, relay, monitor-mode, pass-thru) and a full multi-color, high-resolution LCD screen.

From its top-shelf tuning capabilities to its incredible display options and wide frequency range, the Walrus Audio Canvas tuner is a phenomenal pedal that's a must-have for discerning musicians looking to level-up their sound. Please reach out if you have any questions about this ultra-advanced tuner pedal!

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Noise Floor: -112dBu
Signal to Noise Ratio: 98dB @ 1kHz
Power Requirement: 9VDC, 300mA
Bypass Options: True Bypass/Buffered Bypass
Dimensions: 2.21" x 2.42" x 4.55"