Walrus Audio Canvas Passive Re-Amp

  • Walrus Audio Canvas Passive Re-Amp
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Passive Re-Amp
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Passive Re-Amp
  • Walrus Audio Canvas Passive Re-Amp
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Walrus Audio's Canvas Passive Re-Amp is the ultimate studio tool for producers, mixing engineers, and players looking to reamp their signal. Its compact design allows it to easily fit in a case, backpack, or gig bag, while its user-friendly controls make it an ideal choice for budding audiophiles and seasoned professionals alike. Whether you're new to reamping or want a powerful reamper with no learning curve, the Canvas Passive Re-Amp is an excellent choice.

With the Canvas Passive Re-Amp, musicians can track their audio first and re-amp later, allowing them to experiment with different amps and pedals until they achieve the perfect tone. Just send a 1/4" or XLR output from your DAW and interface to the Re-Amp, and you'll be all set to start tweaking your sound.

Once you have a signal running through the Re-Amp, you'll be amazed by its flat frequency response that perfectly captures everything from 20 Hz to 20k Hz. This ensures pristine and accurate sound reproduction throughout your entire signal chain. Additionally, the included ground lift switch effectively reduces hum, ensuring a clean and noise-free signal when using the XLR input. And, when phase cancellation is required, the Canvas Passive Re-Amp has you covered with its convenient Phase Inversion switch.

Experience the next level of reamping with the Walrus Audio Canvas Passive Re-Amp. From its intuitive design to its phenomenal audio quality, this compact tool boasts numerous impressive features that make it a necessity for any musician. Reach out today for more information about this fantastic reamper!

Dimensions: 4.8" x 3.06" x 1.6"

SKU: 900-1081