Walrus Audio Mira Optical Compressor Pedal

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Walrus Audio's Mira is an optical compressor that offers players in-depth control over their compression, allowing users to take full command of their signal. With its warm, analog tone designed for both bass and guitar, this pedal is perfect for multi-instrumentalists seeking a top-notch, always-on compressor.

The Mira offers studio-grade sound sculpting, truckloads of sustain, and controls you'd typically only find on studio units - and dialing in a great sound with it is painless. Players can use the Blend knob to mix their compressed signal with their clean tone, maintaining note clarity while increasing sustain for a thicker sound. The Attack, Release, and Ratio controls act as expected, allowing players to set the rate and intensity of the compression. Unique to the Mira is a Make-Up knob, which helps maintain unity levels after the signal is compressed. And with a push-button High Pass Filter in the side-chain that prevents bass frequencies 120Hz or below from engaging the compressor as much as higher frequencies, bassists won't have to worry about their tone being gutted.

Enclosed in a smoky grey chassis with eye-catching art by Adam Forster, the Mira is excellent for guitarists and bass players who want rich, full-sounding compression.

Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.6" x 2.28" including knobs.
True Bypass: Yes
Power Requirements: 9VDC, center negative (200mA minimum), runs internally at ±15VDC
Power Supply: Not included