2014 Fender Super Sonic 22 1x12 22W Tube Combo Amp


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A 2014 Fender Super Sonic 22 tube combo amplfier in as-new cosmetic condition. Manufactured in early 2014, this amp was purchased new in July, so it has seen almost no use. It has been tested, is fully functional, and sounds great. Includes footswitch and Fender slip cover.

Manufacturer's Description...

Super-Sonic amplifiers are the favorite tool of pro guitarists in many different musical genres who love to create glorious Fender clean tones and expressive modern high-gain tones with one no-nonsense tube amp. The Super-Sonic 22 Combo delivers this versatility with the organic feel and moderate output power of the legendary Deluxe Reverb amp, perfect for most stage and studio applications. The vintage channel delivers pure, unmistakable Fender tone, and the awesome burn channel ignites musical inspiration with overdrive flavors ranging from bluesy to flame-throwing. And while the Super-Sonic 22 is capable of heavily saturated tube distortion and sustain, it never masks the tonal character of your guitar.

-Power Output: 22 Watts
-Tubes: 6V6 (2), 12AT7 (2), 12AX7 (3)
-Speaker: 1-12" Fender "Lightning Bolt" by Eminence
-Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass | Gain 1, Gain 2, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume | Reverb
-Dimensions: 24" x 17" x 8.5"
-Weight: 40 lbs

Why We Love Fender

It's hard to find a name more synonymous with guitars than Fender. Ever since Leo Fender burst onto the scene with his now-iconic Telecaster, Fender guitars have found homes in the hands of brand new guitar players and seasoned rock stars. When the headstock says Fender, you know you're getting a quality instrument.