La Patrie Acoustic Guitars

LaPatrie Acoustic Guitars

For over three decades, La Patrie, Quebec, has been the hub for Canadian-built guitars. The storied craftsman of this village are dedicated to the art and tradition of hand-crafting guitars.

La Patrie guitars specialize in classical nylon string acoustic instruments available in seven distinct models: Motif, Etude, Concert, Concert CW, Presentation Collection, and Hybrid CW.

Every LaPatrie guitar includes a high quality, pressure tested cedar top that’s graded and tested for tonal quality and structural integrity. Pressure testing ensures each top has the highest level of stiffness and rigidity and maximum harmonic vibration.

LaPatrie acoustic and acoustic electric classical guitars also feature a custom lacquer polish which, unlike thick polyurethane finishes, allow the guitars to breathe and vibrate freely, optimizing the aging process. This unique process means that a LaPatrie will sound better and better over time and with frequent use.

Some of the most popular LaPatrie guitars include the LaPatire Etude classical guitar and the LaPatrie Hybrid CW nylon-stringed acoustic electric guitar.

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