Boss RV-6 Reverb Pedal

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The RV-6 Reverb from Boss delivers versatility and unmatched sound quality in a compact package. It features new studio-grade algorithms for producing the highest possible sound quality, and eight modes make it easy to find a reverb that fits your playing style. Choose from +Delay, Shimmer, Dynamic, Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, and Modulate settings with the Mode knob. Dynamic, +Delay, and Shimmer settings deliver unique modern sounds, while familiar effects such as Plate and Hall make it easy to get vintage-oriented tone. Effect Level, Tone, and Time knobs round out the RV-6's controls. Mono/Stereo inputs and outputs as well as an expression pedal jack make it all the more versatile. With its array of reverb tones, compact size, and high-quality processing, the RV-6 Reverb from Boss is a must for players looking for a versatile package.

-Compact and versatile reverb pedal with rich, expansive sound
-Dial in sophisticated, top-level reverb tones quickly with simple controls
-Newly developed studio-grade algorithms powered by cutting-edge BOSS technology
-Eight sound modes provide a diverse range of ready-to-play reverb effects
-Shimmer, Dynamic, and Delay+Reverb modes deliver lush, immersive textures sought by modern players
-Input for controlling reverb level with an optional expression pedal
-Supports mono or stereo operation