Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard


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The Gold Standard Eau Claire Thunder is a Limited Edition version of the renowned Dwarfcraft Devices pedal, and comes with a few modifications to the original that make it better than ever. The gold finish and smaller enclosure immediately distinguish the Gold Standard visually, but requests from touring musicians prompted a few other changes. With this Eau Claire Thunder, you get top mounted jacks, no feedback circuit, plus germanium diodes and NOS Fairchild 2n5133 transistors which deliver a vintage-inspired sound. Control-wise, you get Trim, Volume, Tone, and Distortion knobs in addition to Timewarp, which controls clipping. Additionally, the Toneblast switch bypasses the tone control for a fuller overall sound. Overall, this version of the Eau Claire Thunder is more versatile than the original, with a more streamlined design that makes it one of the best fuzz boxes you get get.


-Trim, Volume, Tone, and Distortion knobs
-Toneblast and Bypass footswitches
-Time Warp switch
-DC 9V power
-Limited Edition "Gold Standard" finish