Dwarfcraft Devices Wizard of Pitch Pitch Shifter Guitar Pedal


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This is a brand new Wizard of Pitch pedal from Dwarfcraft Devices. This pedal was designed with the intention of cutting the Pitchgrinder down to a single pitch shifter with a mix control. The pedal’s resolution has been cranked up to 32 bits from the Grinder’s 8, but the same lo-fi glitchy sound is still there.

The Bender toggle engages a Doppler type effect, in which the pitch falls in conjunction with the input signal’s decay.

Engaging the “steps” toggle will further confuse the Wizard, snapping to pitches rather than sliding and creating almost random arpeggios. When the Bender mode is active, the speed knob will control the rate of the pitch changes, rather than a cross fade.